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Letters of Recommendation and Endorsements

April 12, 2010

"When we decided to build a custom home in Mid-Coast Maine, our architect said he thought Christopher Doherty would be the right builder for us. We met, shook hands, signed contracts and began the adventure of homebuilding.

Because we were not yet living in the area, we needed a builder whome we could trust implicitly, and who knew enough about what we were trying to achieve, to make decisions on our behalf from time to time. Christopher Doherty was the man for the job.

A custom-built home requires much cooperation between architect and builder, but sometimes the builder is presented with an idea that doesn't come with detailed instructions. Christopher always made things work somehow when presented with that kind of situation. He is very intelligent, enjoys a challenge and has justifiable pride in his work. He's careful, thoughtful and makes sure he knows where he's going before setting out--a model of the "measure twice, cut once" maxim. His work is more careful than expedient.

One of the things that impressed us as we watched our home take shape, was that the construction site was cleaned up, without fail, before all the workers left for the evening. It must be tempting to leave things you know you're going to use the very next day, right where they lay, but Christopher made sure all tools were stowed and debris was cleared or prepared for removal. Sweeping an unfinished floor at the end of a hard work day takes discipline.

We are in our seventh year of residence in the house that Christopher built. We are as pleased with it today as we were the day we moved in. When we decided to build a separate office on the propwerty, we insisted on having Christopher build it.

We are happy to offer our recommendation of Christopher Doherty to anyone who is looking for a great builder."


Home owners from Edgecomb, Maine
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January 20, 2010

"Dear Chris,

In accordance with your request for references relative to the work you have performed on our projects, I wish to go on record as being totally satisfied with everything you have worked on: full houses, screen house, and highly detailed office sanctuary. Your organizational ability is highly satisfactory, as is your attention to detail. It has been a pleasure to work with you on several projects."

William M. Thompson, AIA
Wiscasset, Maine